Major suppliers of rosin resins in adhesives, inks and coatings industries
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About UsXiamen Well Chemical Co., Ltd. is a company committed to the pine chemicals production, development and marketing. The factory is located in Sanming City Fujian Province, which is one of the major suppliers of rosin resin adhesives, inks and coatings worldwide in the industry.

Company has annual output of 10000 tons. Products include terpene phenolic resin, rosin modified phenolic resin, terpene resin, ketone resin, rosin, esterification class Malin acid resin, alcohol / water soluble rosin resin, maleic rosin, rosin, lime, polymerized rosin disproportionated rosin resin, vacuum plating, paint adhesion resin, rosin oil based on UV resin, the thermal reaction of alkyl phenolic resin, liquid resin, chewing gum base, aqueous tackifier resin emulsion and food grade glycerol ester of rosin and other products. It is widely used in viscose, printing ink, grafting chloroprene rubber, paint, pigment surface treatment, rubber, solder and other industries. Rely on excellent quality and stable performance to win the majority of customers. Our company is one of the powerful suppliers of tackifier resins.

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